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Fitness Metrics Test Kit

Who Benefits from Fitness Profile Testing?

People who are:

  • Looking to start a fitness program
  • Interested in losing weight
  • Monitoring fitness or weight loss goals


Fitness Metrics Profile

The Fitness Metrics Profile will give you a basic understanding of where your hormone levels are and determine your vitamin D status, as well as blood lipid levels. By understanding your hormones, lipids, and vitamin D status, and tracking them over time, you can monitor how fitness training is affecting your overall health, and also prevent overtraining syndrome.

The optional add-ons give a fuller picture of overall health and wellbeing, including a more complete thyroid picture showing where thyroid imbalance can have an influence on workouts. Knowing LH levels helps understand the effects of exercise on how the body is producing endogenous steroids. The optional cardiometabolic tests insulin, HbA1c and hs-CRP allow you to track how increased fitness activity is positively impacting your health.



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