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Hormone Test Kit – Blood + Urine


This test kit can be used to order any dried urine/blood spot profile or combination of tests for hormones and metabolites.



Estrogen Essential Profile: A baseline view of how a patient is metabolizing estrogens.

Estrogen Elite Profile: Estrogen, progesterone, and select androgen metabolites with BPA.

Basic Profile: A baseline view of sex steroid hormone metabolite levels plus total cortisol.

Advanced Profile: Our broadest view of sex steroid hormone metabolite levels and cortisol metabolism, with full diurnal melatonin and BPA.


Please consult a doctor if you are a patient at risk of breast cancer, patient with symptoms of estrogen / progesterone imbalance, men with prostate problems, and patient who want to assess exposure to BPA.



Additional information

Profile Test Options

Adrenal Profile, Estrogen Essential Profile, Estrogen Elite Profile, Basic Metabolites Profile, Advanced Metabolites Profile

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