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Menopause Means…: Never Having to Say You’re Chilly


100 hilarious insights on menopause are accompanied by full-color spot illustrations. Cathy Hamilton humorously defines exactly what it means to grapple with simultaneous hot flashes, memory loss, and insomnia.


Women born between 1945 and 1964 account for 27.7 percent of the American population. Approximately 83 million women in this demographic are also experiencing a surge of hormones as they approach that significantly female midlife milestone. For herself and others like her, Cathy Hamilton characterizes the telltale signs of menopause in Menopause Means . . . Never Having to Say You’re Chill

Menopause means . . . breaking down in sobs at the checkout counter when you realize you love Costco more than your husband.” —Menopause Means . . . Never Having to Say You’re Chilly

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