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Podiatry is the specialized branch of medicine dealing with issues related to the foot, ankle, and lower extremities. Different problems may require the utilization of specified dosages or different delivery method than what is currently available on the market. Coast to Coast Compounding can work with your podiatrist to help formulate a treatment right for you in a cost-effective and compassionate manner. 

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Podiatry Compounding

  • At Coast to Coast Compounding we allow podiatrists to broaden their prescribing options to create a perfectly personalized medication to suit your needs. Compounding offers innovative solutions to challenging medical situations commonly involved in treating foot and leg issues. 

10 foot problems

  • The talented compounding pharmacists at Coast to Coast Compounding can provide medications in topical or transdermal formulations to provide a more targeted medication to provide relief of symptoms. In some instances, we also have the ability to combine compatible medications into one, easy to administer medication in the most effective delivery mechanism suited for your needs.

Types of foot problems

  • Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable compounding pharmacists. We welcome your call and will try our best to meet your needs with the help of your podiatrist.

Dosage Forms We Can Prepare

  1. Creams, lotions, gels
  2. Suspensions and liquids
  3. Powders 
  4. Capsules 
Areas in Podiatry Where Compounding Can Help 
  1. Nail removal
  2. Nail fungus
  3. Fungal skin infection 
  4. Circulation problems or Raynaud’s Phenomenon
  5. Diabetic neuropathy
  6. Diabetic toes
  7. Heel spurs
  8. Wounds/burns without infection
  9. Infected wounds 
  10. Foot cramps
  11. Gout 
  12. Hyperhidrosis of the feet (sweaty feet)
  13. Plantar fasciitis
  14. Burning foot syndrome 
  15. Corns/calluses
  16. Rough, dry feet
  17. Warts
  18. Amputation pain  

Symptoms of gout

Foot warts

Plantar fasciitis


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