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Sleep Balance Test Kit

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This sleep-wake cycle testing reveals whether hormones are your hidden barrier to restful sleep. It measures cortisol and melatonin in dried urine at 4 time points – providing a true 24-hour sleep-wake pattern. An undetected hormone imbalance can contribute problems with sleep. Discover if you’re one of the thousands affected.



In a perfect world, the master stress hormone cortisol should be in sync with the master sleep hormone melatonin. Each hormone counter-balances the other in a precise rhythm – when cortisol is high melatonin should be low, and when melatonin is high cortisol should be low. For many people, this rhythm is out of balance.


ZRT is a CLIA certified diagnostic laboratory and the leader in hormone and wellness testing. They provide accurate and meaningful test results that assist health care providers in making informed treatment decisions. Test kit is provided through Coast to Coast Compounding, a licensed pharmacy in the State of Colorado and test results will be sent back to Coast to Coast Compounding.  A pharmacist will reach out to you to discuss your test kit prior to shipping and after the completed.  *Not available to residents in California, New York and Maryland. **Product is cash pay and will not billable to your insurance.


Click here to see a video on how to collect your sample:


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