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Spectra Woman


Spectra™ Woman is the only woman’s high potency full spectrum multiple vitamin mineral supplement to contain 56 nutrients including those most important for today’s woman such as calcium (for bone health), iron (for healthy red blood cells), beta-carotene, biotin (for nail and hair health), gamma linolenic acid from evening primrose oil, octacosanol, grape seed extract (a potent antioxidant important for maintaining capillary strength) and vegetarian digestive enzymes.*


Spectra™ Woman is specifically designed to include nutrients vital to women’s unique needs.*
• Calcium: Studies indicate that 80% of all American women are
deficient in calcium. Spectra™ Women contains 100% of the RDA
for Calcium.
• Beta carotene: The FDA has made the following recommendation: “Women of childbearing age are advised to choose fortified
foods that contain Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene rather
than preformed Vitamin A, whenever possible.” Spectra™ Woman follows that recommendation by providing 15,000 IU of
• L-Cysteine, L-Glutamine and DL-Methionine are amino acids that
are necessary for increased mental energy. They are in the pure
crystalline form for immediate assimilation by the body.*
• Gamma Linolenic Acid is an essential fatty acid that is necessary for the production of hormone-like substances in the
body known as prostaglandins, in particular prostaglandins from
the E1 Series or PGE1. Aging, stress, PMS and obesity have all
been associated with low levels of PGE1 in the body.*
• Octacosanol supports endurance, stamina and strength.*
• Grape Seed Extract is a rich source of a group of water-soluble bioflavonoids known as proanthocyanidins (PCOs). Grape Seed
Extract is guaranteed to yield 95% PCOs.* PCOs are potent
antioxidants and have also been shown to strengthen capillaries.*
Bruising, varicose veins and abnormal menstrual bleeding are
associated with weak capillaries.
• Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes: A proprietary blend of vegetarian digestive enzymes that aid the body in digesting and absorbing food

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