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Urine Hormone Metabolites Test Kit


How is it done? 

Patients collect urine on a filter strip up to four times during the day. Dried strips are shelf-stable for 30 days and easy to mail to the lab for analysis. Unlike other labs, patients do not need to stop hormone supplementation to use ZRT’s testing because we have ranges adjusted for age, menstrual status and supplementation types. This is the ideal method for tracking the effectiveness of hormone treatments.

Urine testing is the best way to measure adrenal and sex steroid hormone by-products and their respective metabolic pathways, providing a gauge for understanding the body’s hormone metabolism.





Urine Hormone Metabolites Profiles

  • Adrenal Profile – 13 tests that provide a picture of adrenal hormone metabolism. Consider for patients with adrenal dysfunction or stress. Useful as a second step of testing for those with adrenal fatigue symptoms, but whose saliva cortisol levels are normal (i.e., may indicate hyperexcretion of cortisol / excessive conversion to cortisone). Useful as a screening test for Addison’s or Cushing’s disease.
  • Estrogen Essential Profile – 12 tests that give a baseline view of how a patient is metabolizing estrogens. Consider for anyone with a personal or family history of estrogen-dependent cancer (e.g., breast cancer)
  • Estrogen Elite Profile – Estrogen, progesterone and select androgen metabolites with BPA. 20 tests. Consider for anyone with a personal or family history of estrogen-dependent cancer (e.g., breast cancer), patients with symptoms of estrogen/progesterone imbalance, men with prostate cancer risk, or patients who want to assess their exposure to BPA.
  • Basic Metabolites Profile – 11 tests that provide a baseline view of sex steroid hormone metabolite levels plus total cortisol. Consider as a baseline assessment for hormone replacement therapy.
  • Advanced Metabolites Profile – Our broadest view of sex steroid hormone metabolite levels and cortisol metabolism with full diurnal melatonin and BPA. 44 tests. Consider as a comprehensive assessment for patients at risk of breast cancer, patients with symptoms of estrogen / progesterone imbalance, men with prostate problems, and patients who want to assess exposure to BPA. Also beneficial for patients struggling with weight or insulin resistance, who have signs of adrenal dysfunction, or who have sleep problems affecting health.

ZRT is a CLIA certified diagnostic laboratory and the leader in hormone and wellness testing. They provide accurate and meaningful test results that assist health care providers in making informed treatment decisions. Test kit is provided through Coast to Coast Compounding, a licensed pharmacy in the State of Colorado and test results will be sent back to Coast to Coast Compounding.  A pharmacist will reach out to you to discuss your test kit prior to shipping and after the completed.  *Not available to residents in California, New York and Maryland. **Product is cash pay and will not billable to your insurance.


Click here to see a video on how to collect your sample:

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Profile Type

Adrenal Profile, Estrogen Essential Profile, Estrogen Elite Profile, Basic Metabolites Profile, Advanced Metabolites Profile

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