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“Autism” written out in puzzle pieces

Compounding For Children with Autism

Children with autism often have very specific nutritional and pharmaceutical needs. This can prove to be challenging for their parents, doctors, and caretakers. The caretakers want to provide these children with the medications they need in order for them to stay active and healthy. Here at Coast to Coast Compounding we understand these difficulties and will make every effort to help offer the perfect solution. 

We can provide doctor ordered medications made specifically for your child in capsules, liquids, and various flavors.  For some families, we have provided capsules containing the medication which have a longer beyond use dates than a liquid, which can be added to food the child will accept. For those families, they don’t need to come to the pharmacy every 14 days to get their refill but rather 30-90 days depending on the circumstances.   

How can compounds help?

Parent giving child medicine

  • Getting your child to take their medication can be a struggle as some kids might not have the easiest time swallowing pills or taking what they see as smelly and gross tasting medications. Compounded medications can help children with autism by providing medications without added substances such as casein, yeast, wheat, gluten, dyes, or preservatives. With that being said, the knowledgeable pharmacists at Coast to Coast Compounding can work alongside your family and physician to create custom medications that are just right for your child.
  • Contact us to speak with one of our caring compounding pharmacists. We welcome your call and will try our best to meet you and your child’s needs with the help of their physician.

Child pouring medicine on a spoon

Dosage Forms We Can Prepare:


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