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What is Compounding?

What is compounding pharmacy? Compounding pharmacies are special pharmacies that create customized medications for their patients. These medications are made specifically for each individual patient, and can be used to treat a variety of different conditions. There are many reasons why you might need to use a compounding pharmacy. In this article post, we will discuss the importance of compounding pharmacies and why you might need one! Compounding is a specialized pharmacy practice allowing physicians, nurse practitioners, veterinarians, dentists, and other health care professionals to prescribe uniquely formulated medications.

Medications aren’t one size fits all and this method allows the compounding pharmacist to work with both the patient and the prescriber in order to create a customized medication to help meet a patient’s specific needs.

Compounding pharmacies are regulated by the FDA under 503a. This section of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act allows compounding pharmacies to operate so long as they follow certain guidelines. These guidelines ensure that medications made by compounding pharmacies are safe and effective for their patients.

There are many reasons why you might need to use a compounding pharmacy. If you have a rare condition that cannot be treated with conventional medications, a compounding pharmacy can create a custom medication for you. Additionally, if you are allergic to certain ingredients in conventional medications, a compounding pharmacy can create a custom medication that does not contain those ingredients. Finally, if you have difficulty taking conventional medications (such as pills), a compounding pharmacy can create a custom medication in a different form (such as a topical cream or an injection) that is easier for you to take.

If you think you might need to use a compounding pharmacy, talk to your doctor. They will be able to tell you if compounding is right for you and help you find a reputable compounding pharmacy in your area.

What can Coast to Coast Compounding do for you?

At Coast to Coast Compounding, we can help provide prescriptions in unique doses, dosage forms, and custom flavored preparations for both humans and animals alike. Regardless of a patient’s particular medication challenge, Coast to Coast Compounding has the ambition, experience, and expertise to create the most personalized medication to get patients on their way to feeling better.

Coast to Coast Compounding is licensed and regulated by the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy. Safety and quality are of the utmost importance to us here and for that reason, we strictly follow the highest standards in compounding, including all state and federal guidelines. We strive to provide superior products without compromise to prepare our unique formulations.

Benefits of Compounding

  1. Adjust the strength of a medication.
  2. Avoid allergies or intolerances to ingredients such as dyes, preservatives, alcohol, gluten, sugar, etc.
  3. Add flavoring to make medication more palatable.
  4. Prepare medications in a preferred formulation such as the liquid form for patients who find it difficult to swallow tablets or capsules.
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