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Oral health

As individuals, we all have different levels of dental health for each person. There are many different dental issues that can arise. Examples might include dry mouth, pain, bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. While there are many commercially available dental products, some may not be appropriate for certain individuals or they simply cannot tolerate what is readily available over-the-counter. Dentists, orthodontists, and periodontists can work with knowledgeable pharmacists at Coast to Coast Compounding to help create an individualized medication that’s right for you.  

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Dental Compounding

  • At Coast to Coast Compounding we allow dentists to broaden their prescribing ability to create a perfectly personalized medication to suit your dental needs. Dental compounding offers the flexibility of utilizing different delivery methods such as gels and liquids which can then be flavored to provide enhanced tolerability. We also have the ability as a compounding pharmacy to provide medications free of sugar, lactose, preservatives, or dyes that may cause dental issues for some patients. 
  • We know your dental health is important to you, that’s why at Coast to Coast Compounding we keep the most commonly prescribed compounded dental medications in stock. This allows us to provide same-day turnaround time to help you on your way to a speedy recovery. 
  • Contact us to speak with one of our compassionate compounding pharmacists. We welcome your call and will try our best to meet your needs with the help of your dentist or orthodontist.

Dosage Forms We Can Prepare:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss

  1. Magic Mouthwash or rinse 
  2. Dental gels, ointments or pastes
  3. Lollipops 
  4. Lip balms
  5. Sublingual/troches 





Areas In Dental Health Where Compounding May Help
  1. Thrush 
  2. Herpes 
  3. Dry mouth 
  4. Burning mouth syndrome 
  5. Mouth ulcers
  6. Anesthetic 
  7. Canker sores
  8. Dental pain 
  9. Gum disease 
  10. Oral infection 
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