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There are many types of issues and diseases stemming from the colorectal area. This can include things like ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, anal fissures, and hemorrhoids to name a few. These ailments are often very uncomfortable and relief is highly sought after when experiencing colorectal discomfort. Some commercially available creams can burn or irritate the sensitive tissue of the anus. Physicians can work with the knowledgeable pharmacists at Coast to Coast Compounding to help create an individualized medication that’s right for you. 

Colorectal Compounding

  • At Coast to Coast Compounding, we allow the physician to broaden their prescribing options to create a perfectly personalized medication to suit your needs. There are many ways of treating colorectal discomfort, however, many of which can cause symptoms of burning or irritation. We can help to create specialized medications to treat pain and promote healing as well as reduce irritation that may be caused by commercially available medications.
  • We keep the most common compounds for colo-rectal/anal medication in stock for same-day dispensing, stop by or call us today. 
  • Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable compounding pharmacists. We welcome your call and will try our best to meet your needs with the help of your physician or colorectal specialist.  

Other services

We also have nutrition services that can help patients challenged with IBS and other stomach issues get support and services to help with their symptoms. Schedule a free consultation to get your questions answered with our nutritionist.

Dosage Forms We Can Prepare:

  1. Suppositories 
  2. Creams and ointments 
  3. Enemas 
  4. Powders 
  5. Capsules 
Examples of Medical Conditions – Colorectal Care
  1. Anal fissures
  2. Hemorrhoids
  3. Ulcerative Colitis
  4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
  5. Constipation 
  6. Diarrhea  

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