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Value Based Care

Value based care

Value Based Care

At Coast to Coast Compounding, we recognize the need for a change in the way that healthcare is delivered. The model of volume-based care doesn’t always serve our important patients. As value-based healthcare provider, we put our patients first.

At Coast to Coast Compounding, we make your wellness our priority. We have always provided great customer service and fast turnaround time.  Further, we strive to ensure that all of our patients are contacted about their prescription, have their questions answered by a pharmacist and understand how to use it prior to dispensing.  This value based care model gives our staff the freedom to take our time with each patient. Our goal is to optimize each patient’s treatment on an individual basis.

What does that mean?

Value-based healthcare is a shift in thinking occurring throughout the healthcare system.  The message: “It’s not about the amount of care that you provide; what matters is what happens to your patients”. For a long time the most profitable way to do business in the pharmacy sector was to be the largest and fastest.  The problem with this concept is that its patients become just another customer. As a customer you are brought to the counter for money, given a quick pitch by a technician and moved out for the next customer.  At Coast to Coast Compounding we embrace the future of healthcare by providing healthcare and a relationship that brings value to out patients; in the form of fullness of life and a healthier future.

What does our Value-based system look like?

A prescription and a clock

At Coast to Coast Compounding, we bring value to our patients: Completely individualized and personalized drug therapy optimization. We listen to your goals for healthcare: general health, hormone replacement, pelvic pain, gut health or a multitude of other conditions. We then recommend and deliver customized programs, medications and therapies to give you the information and tools you need to succeed. 

Examples of the services you will receive with Coast to Coast Compounding:

  1. Patient education with our compounds to ensure that our products are received, maintained, and delivered appropriately. Ask anytime to speak with a pharmacist.
  2. A variety of options for convenient routes of administration for our patients.
  3. For patients sensitive to chemicals and preservatives we provide the ability to sample a variety of bases. We work in tandem with your provider to better facilitate your health outcomes. 
  4. Our friendly staff will be available to assure that you achieve the health goals that you desire.

Contact us today so we can show you the value that we can bring to your healthcare experience.

A pharmacist talking to a patient

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