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Topical Sprays

Topical spray

Sprays are a mixture of medication with a liquid base that turns into a mist when sprayed onto the skin. This method of medication administration can be beneficial for treating large areas of the body, provide relief from pain and itching, and can be ideal in patients with pain disorders where the act of rubbing medication on the skin can be extremely painful. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if a compounded topical spray is the right choice for you.

Top 4 Benefits of Compounded Topical Sprays:

  1. Easy and convenient to use medication. 
  2. Application for areas which are painful or difficult to apply a cream.
  3. Provide a more localized application of medication for patients.
  4. Avoids allergies or intolerances to ingredients such as: dyes, preservatives, alcohol, perfumes, etc. 

Health professional spraying topical medication on a patient’s wound

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